Taylormade Spider S Putter, L-Neck (Platinum)

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Taylormade Spider S Putter, L-Neck (Platinum)

Engineers combined the properties of high-grade aluminum and tungsten weighting in a design that focuses on stability and forgiveness.

White True Path™

The science of white. White is the most reflective color, which allows the human eye to clearly see the path of both the stroke and the ball. The new white arrow design on the topline allows players to center the golf ball. The white True Path™ is the same width as the golf ball.

Fluted Feel™ Shaft  

A newly engineered putter shaft with a softer section located 5” from the tip, intently designed to enhance feel, increase stability and tighten dispersion.

Pure Roll™ Insert 

A thicker Pure Roll insert produces better sound and feel, while 45° grooves increase topspin to help the ball start and stay on its intended line.

Tungsten Weight Bar  & Steel Sole Weights

A tungsten weight bar at the rear of the putter is customized for each shaft length to deliver a precise swing weight. Heavy 43g steel cast-in sole weights are positioned for stability.

Multi-Material Construction

Machine milled 6061 Aluminum combined with strategically placed tungsten weighting provide unparalleled stability for consistent rolls across the face.

Our Highest Stability Spider Putter

The combination of tungsten sole weights and a weight bar provide a deep CG and high MOI, which helps prevent the face from twisting at impact.

Standard Grip

Superstroke GTR 1.0 Grey/White (83g)