Titleist TSR2 Hybrid

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Titleist TSR2 Hybrid

A high launching, mid-low spin, forgiving long-iron replacement, best-suited for players that deliver the club in a sweeping motion. An extended blade length, a deeper CG, and a reimagined sole shape bring even better forgiveness and improved turf interaction than its popular predecessors, all packed into a classic hybrid profile.

TSR Hybrid Performance and Technology

  • Reimagined shaping and profiles: The TSR2 hybrids are classically shaped and have a slightly lengthened blade length, shifting the impact center further from the shaft, which increases face flex and results in more speed and forgiveness | TSR3 hybrids feature an iron-like hybrid profile inspired by popular predecessors, and a slight reduction in offset helps improve performance
  • Deeper, More Forgiving CG & High Inertia Body: In TSR2, Titleist engineers pushed the CG deeper while keeping it low, making high-launching and soft-landing approaches with maximum forgiveness even easier | TSR3 hybrids are more stable due to a higher inertia body, preventing deflection and twist when playing from difficult conditions
  • Faster Through the Rough: Added sole relief pockets on both TSR2 and TSR3 are designed to move the club faster through all rough conditions, heavy or light. Less surface area means less friction and less chance to drag or grab, also resulting in smooth turf interaction from the fairway.
  • Performance-Tuned Adjustability: With a refined 5-position SureFit Adjustable CG Track System, it is now easier than ever to dial in the exact setup you need in the TSR3 with a wider and more precise range of CG placements.
  • Player-Influenced Sound & Feel: Amazing sound and feel are paramount in the design of a superior golf club. Both hybrids have been tuned to deliver the acoustic and physical feedback each player needs to develop consistency and trust.

Stock Shafts

The TSR hybrid shaft lineup features four aftermarket models from top shaft manufacturers to provide a wide range that complements different players and swing profiles. 

  • Tensei 1K Black 85/95g HY: Features premium 1K carbon fiber weave and new Xlink resin system with matte clear finish. Low launch/Low Spin
  • HZRDUS Black 4G 80/90g HY: Designed for low-mid launch with new Dual Torsion design and firm tip section. Low-Mid launch/Low Spin
  • Tensei AV Blue 65g HY: Uses same Xlink resin system as 1K Black, but with mid-tip section stiffness for mid launch. Mid launch/Mid Spin
  • HZRDUS Red 60g HY: Mid-high launching with less firm tip section, also made with Dual Torsion design and matte clear finish. Mid-High launch/Mid Spin

Standard Grip

Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Flat Cap | No Paint Fill


TSR2 RH/LH - - RH/LH - RH/LH - -
TSR3 - RH/LH - RH/LH - RH/LH - -
Lie 57.0° 57.0° 57.0° 57.5° 57.5° 58.0° 58.0° 58.5°
Length 40.5" 40.5" 40.0" 40.0" 39.5" 39.5" 39.0" 38.5"
Length (TSR1) - - 40.5" - 40.0" - 39.5" 39.0"