XXIO 13 Irons | Custom

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XXIO 13 Irons

Unleash effortless distance with XXIO 13 Irons! Lightweight & crafted for moderate swing speeds, these irons boast a low CG for high launch & Rebound Frame tech for explosive ball speed. Experience difference-making ease & distance.

Features and Technology

4-Piece Construction

Launch higher, fly farther! XXIO 13 Irons combine a lightweight 4-piece design with strategic weighting (including titanium faces and tungsten weights) for a low CG. This magic combo, along with the Rebound Frame's spring-like action, delivers explosive distance and a satisfyingly high launch.

Titanium Faces

Tech for higher launch! A thin titanium face and strategically placed weight (heavy toe, hollow heel) create a low CG for soaring shots. New outer grooves and an L-shaped groove boost ball speed for distance you can feel.

Rebound Frame

Rebound Frame uses flexible zones throughout the clubface for a trampoline effect, boosting ball speed. On irons, the thin face flexes even more, and deep grooves add forgiveness on low hits, maximizing distance on every swing.

Weight Plus Grip

The hidden counterweight feels lighter, promoting a fluid takeaway, balanced swing, and a clean release for consistent power on every shot.

Optimized Center of Gravity by Loft

Power & precision for every shot!XXIO 13 Irons feature variable face thickness. Long irons have a lower CG for higher launch and distance, while short irons offer more control with a higher CG. It's like having a custom club for every swing.


5 22° 61.5° 38.25" 0.0mm C8 362g RH only
6 25° 62° 37.75" 0.5mm 368g RH/LH
7 28° 62.5° 37.25" 0.5mm 374g
8 32° 63° 36.75" 1.0mm 380g
9 37° 63° 36.25" 1.5mm 387g
PW 42° 63.5° 35.75" 3.0mm 393g
AW 48° 4.5mm C9 396g RH only
SW 56° 5.0mm

Stock Shaft:

XXIO 13 MP-1300 Graphite 47g/50g (Regular/ *Stiff)

*Stiff flex available through custom only


Stock Grip:

XXIO 13 Weight Plus Grip 56g

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